District 12 Contacts
Mary Westfall-Holbrook, PEChief District EngineerAdministrative Section
Mary is the Executive Director and Chief District Engineer of Highway District 12. Ultimately, all projects and activities of the district are her responsibility. We have listed a number of people on this page who work under Mary's supervision so that you may find the appropriate office to call for your specific question or concern. However, if you do not find what you are looking for among the listings on this page, feel free to call Mary's office (see listing on this page for Karen Parsons).​
VacantAdministrative CoordinatorAdministrative Section
Paul is the district's administrative lead, responsible for human resources and facilities. He handles all personnel matters, including setting up interviews for people who are on the register for whatever job openings District 12 may have. Paul can give you information on how to apply for a state job; however, every person interested in a job at District 12 must fill out a state application on line and monitor the job postings to make sure their name is on the state's register for each job for which they are qualified (see link to Personnel Cabinet/Job Application on District 12's main page). Paul is also responsible for facilities maintenance, employee benefits, and most all in-house administrative duties. All administrative personnel report either to Paul or to the Chief District Engineer.​
Karen ParsonsSecretary to Chief District EngineerAdministrative Section
When you contact the Chief District Engineer's office, you will be directed to Karen first. She can answer most questions and can direct you to the appropriate person or put you in touch with Mary Westfall-Holbrook, the Chief District Engineer, if need be.​
Sara GeorgeInformation OfficerAdministrative Section
Contact this office for general information about Highway District 12 and its projects, services, and activities. Definitely contact Sara  if you have questions about a recent District 12 news story, if you have questions about a road closure, or if you want to know the procedures for naming a state road or bridge. In addition, the Information Officer is the coordinator of the Pike County Highway Safety Team, so if you want to attend meetings of this team or become a member, contact Sara. If you are interested in the annual golf scramble that raises money for the Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign, Sara is also a person you can contact.​
Sam Hale, PEBranch ManagerProject Development
Sam's branch is involved in the areas of planning, right of way, utilities, environmental analysis, and design. All projects begin in the Project Development Area. If you have questions about whether or not a project is in the State Highway Plan, you can access the plan yourself from the link on District 12's website or you may call Sam's office. If you need information about the status of a project that has not yet gone to construction, this is the office to contact.​
Paxton Weddington, PEBranch ManagerProject Delivery & Preservation I
Paxton's office is responsible for construction and maintenance in Pike, Knott, and Letcher counties. The Section Offices in this Branch include those in Whitesburg and Pikeville. The maintenance facilities includes in this Branch are located at Shelbiana, Canada, Phelps (Pike County), Mayking (Letcher County), and in Hindman (Knott County). You may contact Paxton's office for information about any project under construction in Knott, Letcher, or Pike counties. You may also contact his office if you have concerns about maintenance issues in any of these counties.​
Darold Slone, PEBranch ManagerProject Delivery & Preservation II
Darold's office is responsible for construction and maintenance in Floyd, Johnson, Martin, and Lawrence counties. The Section Offices in this Branch include those at Allen (for Floyd and Martin counties) and Staffordsville (for Johnson and Lawrence counties). The maintenance facilities in this Branch includes those at Allen and Minnie (Floyd County), Inez (Martin County), Staffordsville (Johnson County), and Yatesville (Lawrence County). You may contact Darold's office for information about any project under construction in Floyd, Johnson, Martin, and Lawrence counties. You may also contact Darold's office if you have concerns about maintenance issues in any of these counties.​
Greg Couch, PEBranch ManagerEngineering Support
You may contact Greg's office if you have concerns about a traffic signal, a road sign, luminaires, advance warning flashers, or any other permanent traffic sign or signal. In addition, Greg's office is responsible for all bridge inspections, the district's equipment garage, and the permits section (see listing on this page for Gene Layne).​
VacantPermits SupervisorEngineering Support
Any firm, individual, or government agency that wants access to a road on the state highway system or wants to conduct any type of work activity on the right of way must obtain a permit. Major permitting items include: entrances, altering or replacing existing  drainage facilities, plantings on right of way, fence replacement, tree trimming/cutting, use of roadside chemicals, airspace usage, school site agreements, and such things as fairs, parades, festivals, banners, and welcome signs.​
Terry TackettHighway Safety Coordinator and Incident Management Coordinator
Terry works with the Cabinet's Office of Highway Safety to implement activities in the counties of District 12. You may contact her if your organization or school would like to host a highway safety event or activity such as a Seat Belt Survey, Child Safety Seat Inspection, Ghost Out, Mock Crash, or Judgment Day. She can arrange visits to your school or business by Vince & Larry, Buckle Up Bear, the Rollover Simulator, Distracted Driving Simulator, or the 3D Simulator. She handles placement of the district's radar trailers. As Incident Management Coordinator, Terry works with the district's response to all emergencies that affect state roads and bridges (snow, ice, hazardous spills, etc) and handles District 12's assistance to other agencies during emergency situations.