​​Problems in the SiteManager program are just a fact of life.  Below are some of the more common errors.  Contact the SiteManager Help Desk for more information on how to remedy these errors.
Password needs reset
Attachments aren't working
Any "oracle" error
Any "SMAPP.ini" error



​LIMS complications?  Contact the LIMS Help Desk for simplification.



 Web Precon

​We have switch PES/LAS to AASHTO Project Preconstruction.  Contact the Precon Help Desk to make all your dreams come long as they are "web precon" dreams.

SiteManager Reference Manual


Citrix Questions?

 Please view this document for Citrix installation and log on issues. How to start with Citrix-New.doc


 Need a New User added or Changes to existing user?


The current procedure can be found at the following link:


 SM policy and procedures NEW user _access change 20150820.doc



For a new user, the request form below will need to be downloaded, filled out, and submitted by the authorized IT requestor in your District/Division and submitted in Frontrange HEAT service management.


For Access group changes within SiteManager, to an existing user, the users 1st line supervisor will need to email the SiteManager administrator (


 KYTC_SiteManager_LIMS_Request_Form rev 20140815.dotx

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