Contractor's Performance Evaluation Report

 Policy Statement


The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet requires that a Contractor’s Performance Report form (TC 14-19) be completed for every Contractor on every project. Evaluations shall be performed in an objective, consistent and well-documented manner. The Contractor’s average performance rating (weighted by dollar amount of work performed) for the previous year will be used in the calculation of the Contractor’s Maximum Eligibility Amount. Utilizing the scores from the Contractor’s Performance Report will provide incentive for the Contractor to consistently perform at a high level of quality. 

Every Contractor or Subcontractor shall be furnished a copy of the completed Contractor’s Performance Report for every project for which work has been performed. In the event of multi-year projects, evaluations will be completed at the end of each year, as well as at the end of the project and a copy will be sent to the Contractor.


For projects completed within one calendar year, a Contractor’s Performance Report shall be completed for every Contractor and Subcontractor who has performed work on the project. For multi-year projects a Contractor’s Performance Report shall be submitted for contractors who have performed a substantial amount of work within the previous year. Each performance evaluation will represent the quality of the Contractor’s performance during the previous time period.


If a Subcontractor performs only a minimal amount of work within a calendar year, it is not necessary to complete a Contractor’s Performance Report for that given year. 



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