Division of Accounts
The Division of Accounts ensures that all funds of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are properly accounted for, accurately reported, and protected from waste, fraud, and abuse. 

Division of Purchases
The Division of Purchases implements programs and practices for the purchase of supplies, equipment, materials, and services to maintain roadways, buildings, right-of-ways, etc., in accordance with KRS 45A and 200 KAR Chapter 5. The Division provides guidance, support, and uniformity in the interpretation and administration of laws, regulations, and policy for all Transportation Cabinet buying entities. This Division services as liaison between the Transportation Cabinet and other state agencies, city and local governments and political subdivisions on numerous purchasing issues. Guidance is also provided to the expansive vendor community who frequent the Division with questions regarding commodities, bid specifications, bid solicitations and use of the state's e-procurement web site.
Office of Budget and Fiscal Management
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
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