Aircraft Fleet Services
A primary function of the Department of Aviation's Capital City Airport Division is to provide safe and cost effective in-state and out-of-state transportation for State employees.  Elected officials and state employees are encouraged to utilize state aircraft whenever conducting official business and when time is essential. Flying increases employee productivity and is often the most cost efficient means of travel when comparing driving time, lodging and meal expenses.

Any state agency personnel, elected officials, Kentucky’s State Universities and Community & Technical College System and people doing business with the State.


Follow these simple steps to request and obtain state aircraft services: 
Step 1: Contact our Flight Scheduler (Serai Evans) at (502) 564-0099 to obtain a trip quote. You will need to provide departure date, destination, time you need to arrive at destination, any intermediate stops, number of passengers, and anticipated time of return. 
Step 2: The Flight Scheduler will then determine the safest and most economical means of transporting you to your destination. You will also be provided with an approximate cost of the trip. 
Step 3: Prior to the flight, an authorization form (TC 56-51 or eForm) must be completed and signed by your department's Authorized Agent to give us your agency's approval to complete the flight.
Step 4: Flights are inter-accounted to your agency at the end of each month and you are billed for the actual flight time only.*
* The exception is pilot overtime (time in excess of regular 7.5 hr. workday) which will be billed at a rate of $50.00/hr. per pilot.


  • Conduct business while traveling. Maximize time management
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Interruptions and distractions eliminated
  • Flexible departure and arrival schedule
  • No wasted time waiting in line for a commercial flight
  • Less travel time, therefore, savings of expenses for lodging and meals
  • Post trip fatigue eliminated
  • Safest form of transportation available

Kentucky Revised Statutes Governing Use of State Owned Aircraft

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​Aircraft Information
PA-31-350 Navajo ChieftianMulti-Engine$500.00           5Click to view
Cessna 182QSingle-Engine$175.00           3Click to view
Cessna R172ESingle-Engine$175.00           2Click to view
Bell 206L Long RangerTurbine Helicopter$600.00           4Click to view
Bell 206 Jet RangerTurbine Helicopter$525.00           3Click to view


The Flight Operations Branch administers, maintains and schedules state-owned aircraft to allow State government to conduct business, economic development, and emergency services in a safe, secure and cost-effective manner.
Scott Shannon,
Assistant Director – Capital City Airport Division (CCAD)
(502) 564-0520
  • Supervisor - Capital City Airport Division
  • Responsible for overall flight operations and safety, including the state hangars, aircraft for transporting state personnel, and the aviation safety program for pilots, mechanics, and flight instructors.
  • Oversight of Flight Operations, Aviation Safety, Aircraft Maintenance, scheduling, and Budgeting and the operation of the Capital City Airport.
Serai Evans,
Aircraft Scheduler
(502) 564-0099
  • Schedules aircraft.
  • Coordinates commercial aircraft charter when required.
  • Calculates, verifies, and processes interagency transfer invoices for air transportation charges.
  • Maintains records of aircraft utilization and operating costs.
Danny Rogers,
Chief Helicopter Pilot
(502) 564-0510 
  • Chief Helicopter Pilot - Capital City Airport Division.
  • Captain in the Bell 206B and 206L3 helicopter.
  • Navigation publications and databases.
Graeme Lang,
Chief Airplane Pilot
(502) 564-0335
  • Chief Airplane Pilot - Capital City Airport Division.
  • Captain in the twin-engine Piper Navajo and single-engine Cessna aircraft.
  • Safety Program Administrator for the General Aviation public .

Sean Howard,
Airplane Pilot
(502) 564-0311

  • Captain in the twin-engine Piper Navajo and single-engine Cessna aircraft.
  • Assists Division Director with several programs.
  • Aviation Safety Coordinator - Capital City Airport Division

Steve Seger,
Chief of Aircraft Maintenance
(502) 564-0131 

  • Supervising authority for all aircraft maintenance.
  • CCAD Maintenance personnel supervisor.
  • Repair and inspection of state aircraft fleet.
  • Maintains aircraft log books.
  • Aircraft parts acquisitionPersonnel  and inventory.
Department of Aviation
Capital City Airport
90 Airport Road
Building 400
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone: (502) 564-4480
Hours: 8:00AM - 4:30PM EST, M-F