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How can you contribute to your community and make a difference, send a message and educate others, and have fun with friends all at the same time? Join Kentucky’s Adopt-A-Highway Program! By taking personal responsibility for one of your area roadways, you will be setting an example for your community ... The environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Adopt-A-Highway provides the opportunity to be a part of the solution. As a volunteer, you will save thousands in tax payer dollars and demonstrate to others the importance of a clean environment.

Any permanently established business, association, community or public organization, or government entity can adopt a stretch of highway. A wide range of groups throughout Kentucky now participate, including homemaker clubs, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, high school organizations, Rotary clubs, veterans, college fraternities and sororities, sports teams and Kiwanis clubs. (Sorry, those entities established for the sole purpose of pursuing legislative or regulatory changes are not eligible.)
Two-mile sections of highway are adopted for a period of two years. Groups sign a contract with the Transportation Cabinet, which recognizes the need and desirability of a clean environment, and permits the group to contribute toward that effort. Volunteer groups may renew the contract at the end of the two years.
Adopt-A-Highway Coordinators, (click here to learn which coordinator works with your county), can explain the fundamentals of the program to your group, work with group members in locating an available highway, and notify you of news and upcoming events.
Litter pickups are held at least four times per year or as many times as necessary to keep the area reasonably litter free. The Cabinet coordinates three annual clean-up efforts throughout the year. Groups are encouraged to complete and return an Adopt-A-Highway survey, (available in Adobe Acrobat), after each cleanup.
Safety guidelines are provided to volunteers and should be reviewed prior to each cleanup. Trash bags, safety vests and warning signs can be obtained at each State Maintenance Facility, and litter removal is provided by state highway crews if requested. Your Adopt-A-Highway coordinator will help you get in touch with your county's maintenance crew foreman.
See the Adopt-A-Highway contract for further details regarding group activity.
Sounds great. How do I join?
Groups interested in becoming members of the Adopt-A-Highway Program can contact the District Coordinator in their area or one of the state Adopt-A-Highway Coordinators.
Fill out the form and turn it in to your Coordinator.



Adopt-a-Highway Program
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
200 Mero Street
Frankfort, KY 40622
Phone: (502) 564-3419
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Keith Buckhout, Statewide Coordinator